3-on-3 Basketball

We are excited to announce 3-on-3 Basketball.  A great way to get out and try a new sport, or for our returning players a great way to continue improving your game.

A fun, 6-week program starting the week of May 9th.  For youth born between 2009-2014.  Will consist of approximately 30% skills and 70% game play.
90 min/session.  Cost: $53.12  Location: NSSRC


  • Monday evenings
  • May 9th thru June 13th
  • Times between 5-8pm depending on age


  • Wednesday evenings
  • May 11th thru June 15th
  • Times between 5-9pm depending on age

Why 3on3 Basketball

  • More touches, shots, handling the ball, passes, rebounds, etc... for players: On average players will touch the ball 1/6 of the time as opposed to 1/10 of the time in 5v5.
  • Harder to defend: 3v3 is harder to defend than 5v5, it is more difficult to get away with poor defense so players naturally have to have better help side and ball containment.
  • You can still teach almost all the screens and cuts that you would utilize in your 5v5 offense: pass and cut, screen aways, hard curls, ball screens, dribble drive action etc...  And players have more space to do it in with 4 less players on the floor.
  • 3-on-3 is a surprisingly fast-paced game because it is played in the half-court and players simply have to take the ball out of the net and take it back over the 3 point line before trying to score.
  • FUN!! Most important part of the program!